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Afrimass launched Newsroom Business Initiative (NBI) in celebrating world Press Freedom Day.

AFRIMASS, a leading Advertising and media organization, has reaffirmed its commitment to press freedom and the vital role of journalism in society by launching its Newsroom Business Initiative on World Press Freedom Day May 3, 2024.

The event was celebrated in Gh Mega studios, GH Media School in Accra, with the presence of some industry experts like Emefa Apawu of JoyNews, Paa Kwesi Asare of TV3 and Kwabena Offei-Kwadey Nkrumah of EIB Digital to highlight the journey and significant of journalism and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

This initiative marks a significant step towards empowering newsrooms and promoting a sustainable media landscape across the country and its borders.

The Newsroom Business Initiative aims to address the challenges faced by news organizations in the digital age, including declining revenues, audience fragmentation, the rise of disinformation and the heights of Artificial Intelligence as well as its implementation in the work of a journalist.

At the event, Emefa Apawu of JoyNews stress on the adoption of ai in every day journalist activities to foster growth and smooth journalism. She emphasized ai won’t render journalists jobless or takeover but will complement the work of a journalist when used appropriately. Emefa Apewu, further shared insights into AI’s implications for investigative reporting and strategies for enhancing audience engagement.

Her session was followed by Paa Kwesi Asare of TV3, who emphasized AI’s influence on storytelling techniques and media narratives, stressing the importance of journalists adapting to technological advancements. He shared an insight to his career life and the need to make a strategic life decision.

Kwabena Offei-Kwadey Nkrumah, Group Head at EIB Digital within EIB Network Ltd also delved into AI’s potential to revolutionize journalism. He emphasized on the need to adapt to new technology and ai revolution in order to be equipped with the necessary tools in daily work execution.

Mr. Offei-Kwadey Nkrumah graced the event with audience engagement and the need for all to take control of ai tools, import and provide services with an insight control to avoid their job being taken over by ai.

The NBI is launched to provide strategic support and resources, Afrimass seeks to enable newsrooms to adapt, innovate, and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving media environment.

“We believe that a free and vibrant press is essential for democracy and informed public discourse,” Raymond Smith, CEO of AfriMass Network.

“Through the Newsroom Business Initiative, we aim to equip news organizations with the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to succeed.”

Afrimass invites newsrooms from around the world to participate in this transformative initiative and join the movement for press freedom and media sustainability.

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