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About – Us

AfriMass Network is a leading organization dedicated to empowering media businesses across Africa. Register business in Ghana with a mission to foster sustainable growth and excellence in the media industry, AfriMass Network provides a wide range of resources, support services, and professional networking opportunities to media entrepreneurs and professionals across the


our vision

Afrimass Network

AfriMass Network envisions a vibrant and thriving media ecosystem in Africa, where media businesses have the tools, knowledge, and networks to succeed and make a positive impact on society.

Core Value:

S – Service Excellence & Integrity

A – Accountability

L – Leadership

E- Empowerment

S- Synergy

  • Impact and Achievements:

AfriMass Network has empowered numerous media entrepreneurs and professionals across Africa, enabling them to launch successful ventures and navigate the challenges of the industry through the annual thought leadership event – Africa Media Advertising Sales Summit since 2018

The network has facilitated collaborations and partnerships between media businesses, fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and joint initiatives.

Through its mentorship programs, AfriMass Network has provided guidance and support to emerging media leaders, helping them develop skills, build networks, and advance their careers.

The network’s initiatives have contributed to the growth and sustainability of media businesses in Africa, fostering economic development, social progress, and the democratization of information.

  • Partnerships and Collaborations:

AfriMass Network collaborates with various stakeholders in the media and advertising industry, including government agencies, media organizations, educational institutions, and international development partners.

These collaborations enable the network to leverage resources, expertise, and networks to further its mission and expand its reach across the continent.

Overall, AfriMass Network plays a vital role in empowering media businesses across Africa by providing essential resources, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.

AfriMasss Network is also media sales representative for a variety of media outlets in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.


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